Federal Remedies for Wrongful State Action

We, at Lake Property Law, PLC, are keenly aware of the many jurisdictional and substantive wrongs being committed by the judicial, legislative and executive branches of state government relative to water body boundaries, titles and rights of Michigan water bodies. The proper forum to address the majority of these matters set forth herein is at the federal level due to the repeated violations of the U.S. Constitution and federal statutes. Mistaken jurisdiction and refusal to acknowledge federal supremacy through the years continues to cause the fox to remain diligent in guarding the hen house.

As a result, the future of riparian litigation must take place in an atmosphere of fairness and must lack the political influence of the State of Michigan in order to correct the massive corruption of titles and rights that have taken place over the last century. The constitutional and civil rights of Michigan citizens and property owners must be protected and the proper forum for doing so is the federal courts.