What Water is Riparian? Read the Plat Like the Pioneers

Many of the pioneers who braved the wilderness and settled in these lands two centuries ago lacked formal education. However, they had no problem traveling by foot, horse or mule and locating and observing the boundaries of the land they were interested in buying, then later paying the $1.25 per acre purchase price at a government land office for the property. They knew if they were paying for land or if they were getting water rights with land. It was easy for them because the government created a map (plat) of the survey of the property and gave it to them so that they could view the land that they wanted to purchase. Those are known today as the original federal government plat maps. Nothing has changed in those 200 years. They are as legally effective today as they were in our country’s beginning. They are forever valid, unchangeable and as legally binding then as they are now, in accord with the U.S. Constitution.

These pioneers didn’t have to fight much in any court in those days in regard to such irrelevant issues as “what are riparian lakes?” or “my land touches water, so my property is riparian, correct”? The plats of the original federal government surveys provided the answers. They still do. It is a complete waste of a court’s time to demand that they direct their attention to such presently irrelevant issues which were decided, forever, two centuries ago, before those pioneers ever took to the woods. Likewise, exposing the courts to such irrelevant matters in which they have no jurisdiction is not wise.

Save thousands of dollars and years of your life not having to fight in court. You don’t have to memorize any legal maxims; just read the map. If you do have questions, please