Upland & Bottomland Titles

Upland & Bottomland Ownership 

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Riparian Water Bodies

Riparian Water Bodies 

Determined by Federal Surveys and Boundaries

Riparian Rights
Riparian Rights

Determined by State Law

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Federal Law Established the Boundaries of Michigan Lands and Waters

Lake Property Law, PLC has developed a base of knowledge in the Property and Supremacy Clauses of the U.S. Constitution and the statutes enacted by Congress pursuant thereto for the survey of Michigan townships, sections, subsections and water boundaries. These surveys can never be disturbed by any state statute or court decision.


Areas of Practice

Property by a lake

Riparian Rights

Is it a myth that if I get my property description to get a little bit into the lake I'll have riparian rights?

Copper Harbor in Northern Michigan's Upper Peninsula during Summer via Drone

Buying Lake Property

Has bottomland title of a body of water already been determined by the federal government?

Selling Lake Property

Should I get an attorney prior to signing a property disclosure statement or a purchase agreement with a buyer?

Land and Bottomland Ownership

Can I presently use the same survey plats (maps) as the pioneers did to determine if a lake is riparian?

Footbridge over the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A great spot for a picnic.

Everything About Docks: Length, Width, Location

Must a body of water be meandered prior to installing a dock at these public or private accesses?

Cottage Succession Plans and the Importance of Titles

Wouldn't it be better to let the kids work out cottage succession issues?

Use of Inland Lakes by the Public

Wrongful State and Local Bottomland Regulation

Could state land courts be an answer to the lack of judicial understanding of federal laws and the public land survey system?

Additional Areas of Practice

Does over 40 years of practice in the real estate area qualify an attorney as an expert?


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