Land Surveyors and Meander Abuse

Even a casual review of waterfront Subdivision Plats and Certified Surveys indicates such a massive corruption of water boundaries by present surveys, and with them the titles and rights of millions of citizens. Those plats are in such a horribe and embarrassing state that serious measures must be applied immediately to attempt to salvage what has been thought of in the past as such a treasured market.

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Use of Inland Lakes by the Public

Buying and Selling Water Properties

Buyers and sellers should have relevant surveys and titles thoroughly explained to them prior to execution of any binding purchase and sale documents. It’s an absolute necessity that there be an understanding of what is riparian and what is simply land with water on it. Documents must be prepared to effectively convey titles and other rights. In other words, property descriptions are extremely technical and, whether you are buyer or seller, you better get it right. It can be extremely costly if you don’t.

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Cottage Usage Agreements

Addressing use and maintenance issues of lake home, cabin and cottage property according to the direction of co-owners is likely to keep the cottage in the family for the next generation or more. However, boundaries and titles to future holders of those ownership interests must be correctly conveyed.

What good are plans if they are accompanied by erroreous deeds or other documents which convey future interests? If not correct, multiple court matters lie ahead regarding ownership which is not the start that you or your heirs anticipate.

Transfers of Lake Property to Trusts

One of the worst things that could happen to all of the efforts that go into trust planning is for lake property descriptions to be in error upon the death of the trustor(s). I have now spent nearly a decade in dealing with the complicated lake property title and rights issues and am very much aware of the need to be exact in describing such properties. It is so intricate that it is a specialty within the law.

Property by a lake

Lake Cottage and Home Taxation Appeals

It’s nearly that time of year, again. Make sure you attend local boards of review to preserve your right to properly appeal your property tax valuations. If you don’t have success in resolving the matters at that level, I have represented cities, townships, as well as many businesses and private homeowners in these ad valorem appeals for years. My current focus is now directed to lake and river homes and properties.

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Public and Private Water Access

Many decades of experience representing county road commissions as well as private owners of lake properties regarding lake home, cottage and water access matters

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Copper Harbor in Northern Michigan's Upper Peninsula during Summer via Drone

Dock and Mooring Battles

This is truly an interesting problem that plagues nearly every lake in Michigan at one time or another. It’s not unlike fence placement on dry land

Remember this. Land boundaries call for exactness. On the other hand, the location of property lines which belong underwater are usually wide open for resolution in a number of ways. The most prudent survey supported by sound logic usually wins. IT IS NOT A SCIENCE, no matter what you may have heard!

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Footbridge over the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A great spot for a picnic.

Name 10 Popular Rivers in Michigan that are Not Riparian

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