Buying & Selling Residential Real Estate

I use my 40 years of experience to assist buyers and sellers of all residential real estate. I can assist whether buying, selling or addressing ownership problems regarding any residential property. I provide assistance to buyers in ensuring there is marketable title, ingress and egress and few, if any, hidden defects in the home. In regard to lake purchases, title and rights will be assured if I am involved before the purchase agreement is signed. I assist those who participate and have coverage through Hyatt and ARAG legal plans.

  • Is this purchase the most important investment you will ever make in your life?
  • Do you know what title needs to be searched to protect your rights?
  • Do you want riparian rights if buying a lake home?

If you are not sure or have no idea what the answer is to any question other than responding positively to it being the most important investment of your life, take advantage of the experience of Lake Property Law to simplify for you all of the purchasing and selling questions and issues.

Passing Property to Heirs

I help pass titles of real and personal property of any kind to loved ones by drafting deeds, assignments, bills of sale will, testamentary trusts; and, also, draft powers of attorney and living wills. I have been assisting clients with probating wills and, also, avoiding probate since 1978.  I recommend and draft documents and provisions which protect property meant for children such as trusts within wills. I have drafted hundreds of wills, financial durable powers of attorney and powers of attorney for health care.

  • Can I pass real property to my children at death by deed to avoid probate?
  • How can I pass my savings or checking account at death to my child to avoid probate?
  • Before drafting documents that will transfer lake property upon death, how can I be sure of what I own?

For experienced guidance in passing property upon death Contact Lake Property Law

Sunrise over a lake

Michigan Inland Lake Ownership

While a dream of so many people, lakefront property ownership can often be a source of frustration and a financial drain. Ease such frustration and lessen the risk. Get answers before you offer to buy.

  • How can I be sure before I buy that I will own my home and lake rights?
  • Is ownership really that easy to determine?
  • Will my title insurance protect me?

These type of questions should always be answered prior to purchasing. Reap the benefits of Lake Property Law, PLC’s four decades of experience and have it help you in providing answers to all lake title matters. Contact us now.

Shot of a pontoon on a Michigan lake

Lakefront and Bottomland Boundaries

Knowledge of upland and underwater boundary location is of extreme importance prior to ever owning lake property

  • How are bottomland titles and boundaries determined?
  • Do I own any part of the lake bottom so that I can erect a dock or moor a boat?
  • How difficult and expensive is it to determine bottomland boundaries?

Lake Property Law methodically answers these questions. Contact us now.

Property by a lake

Use of Inland Lakes by Lakefront Owners

If you are among Michigan residents living adjacent to waterfront, you may have questions concerning all of your rights to use the lake.

  • Does title to bottomland in front of my cottage determine if I can use the lake to erect a dock and moor a boat?
  • Is it really a myth that if I get my property description to get a little bit into the lake, I’ll have riparian rights?
  • Can I use the entire lake for boating and fishing if I don’t own bottomland?

For legal advice and guidance regarding your lakefront and bottomland ownership, contact Lake Property Law now.

Use of Inland Lakes by the Public

Use of Inland Lakes by the Public

Upland and bottomland titles determine whether, and to what extent, the public can use a water body.

  • What gives the public the right to use a lake, and what are the geographical limits of such rights?
  • What uses can I make of the lake as a member of the public?
  • Do I need to have public access to be able to use the lake?

Our practice can answer those questions and more. Contact us for counsel regarding your public lake access and usage.

DNR West Higgins Lake Boat Launch reflecting Sunrise

Public and Private Access to and from Michigan Lakes

There are so many methods of public and private access to lakes and by many different means.

  • Do the alleys in my 1920 subdivision plat allow me to access the lake?
  • Does the county road allow for a dock to be erected at the water’s edge?

If you have found yourself asking similar questions and want to know more about public and private access, contact Lake Property Law, PLC.

Copper Harbor in Northern Michigan's Upper Peninsula during Summer via Drone

Subdivision Streets, Alleys, Parks, and Other Dedications

Most cottages and lake homes are located in subdivisions which allow small lots situated close together with alley, parks and streets dedicated to lot owners and/or the public.

  • If I buy a lot and home in a subdivision, is it true that I get private ownership or rights in every park, street, alley and drive in the subdivision?
  • If a public street in the plat has been vacated, do I still have private rights to continue to use the street?
  • Can I use an area labeled as an alley to access a lake?

When you buy a home in a subdivision, look for other property rights that come with it!. Contact Lake Property Law, PLC.

Footbridge over the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A great spot for a picnic.

Governmental Right to Regulate Inland Lakes

State and local regulations of lakes can enormously affect day to day life of a homeowner adjacent to a lake.

  • Does bottomland title of a lake determine government power and ability to regulate use?
  • Can local governments allow lakefront owners to erect docks on the bottomland of others?
  • Can local governments allow abutting owners to trespass upon the bottomland of others but deny back lot owners the same wrongful privilege?

These questions can be answered by contacting Lake Property Law, PLC.