Property by a lake

Riparian Rights

The perception that any division of state government has jurisdiction to determine what water bodies are riparian is incorrect. For more information, contact Lake Property Law now.

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Buying Lake Property

It is foolish to invest in property adjacent to a body of water by paying thousands or even millions of dollars without having any assurance that there is title and/or other rights in the bottomland of the water body.

Get advice from someone who understands federal and Michigan law regarding water body ownership prior to making important buy/sell decisions. While it may be a dream to have an opportunity to buy that special parcel and/or a cottage, it pays to understand all aspects of title and rights involved in the purchase. If you are paying a full price for the land and bottomland titles, you deserve to get what you pay for. Title companies nearly always except riparian rights from any coverage. In other words, if you have any problems concerning water title, be prepared to pay for the expenses of a suit.

For answers to all of your land and bottomland title questions, Contact Lake Property Law, PLC.

Selling Lake Property

Don’t do it without an experienced attorney. The risks of selling land adjacent to/and under waters in this state and especially in Southeast Michigan are numerous.

You need assistance in selling lake, river and stream bottomlands and protection from the risks of future litigation expenses, so contact Lake Property Law, PLC.

Land and Bottomland Ownership

We determine types of boundaries, titles and rights (including riparian waters) that apply to any land and waters of Michigan. It is much less expensive and time consuming than filing suit and spending years in court, paying attorney fees and seeking a decision of a court concerning those same issues.

It is an absolute necessity for a buyer, seller or owner of property which is adjacent to any water to understand titles and rights to upland and bottomland. Call or email for an appointment. You’ll see how quick and inexpensive it is to learn about the ownership and rights in the water body you are interested in buying, selling, or that you currently own or if you are developing a cottage succession plan. Contact us

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Everything About Docks: Length, Width, Location

Any issue concerning docks, hoists, moorings and more. Contact: Lake Property Law, PLC.

Cottage Succession Plans and the Importance of Titles

Titles and rights of uplands and bottomlands of Michigan water bodies are extremely complicated and subject to much misunderstanding of Michigan professionals, courts and legislature. When putting together a cottage succession plan, these ownership and rights matters are of vital importance to the proper functioning of the cottage for years into the future.

It is mandatory that an experienced subdivision boundary attorney who knows title, boundaries and rights be consulted when putting together a cottage succession plan. It is an absolute necessity to be able to differentiate between a riparian body of water and a parcel of land that is water-covered but owned in the same manner as the cottage. The kids would be devastated if they were saddled with liabilities as a result of parents or grandparents misunderstanding the legalities of what is owned. Getting the ownership correct is by far the most important element of the plan. If descriptions, titles and use rights are not detailed properly, the entire plan can be disastrous.

Use of Inland Lakes by the Public

Wrongful State and Local Bottomland Regulation

We, at Lake Property Law, PLC, are keenly aware of the many jurisdictional and substantive wrongs being committed by the judicial, legislative and executive branches of state government as well as local government officials relative to titles and rights of Michigan water bodies. The constitutional and civil rights of Michigan citizens and water property owners must be protected.

Additional Areas of Practice


  • State and Local Government Jurisdiction of Land under Water Bodies
  • Water and Land Boundaries
  • Federal Civil Rights Actions vs. Local Government Officials regarding Water Bodies
  • Validity of Local Government Water Body Ordinances
  • Jurisdiction of Federal and State Courts of Boundary and Riparian Matters
  • Congressional Acts regarding Water Boundaries
  • Original Federal Government Plats and Patents
  • Riparian Boundary Law
  • Land and Bottom land Titles/Easements
  • Navigability of Michigan Waters
  • Public and Private Road, Street and Alley Access to Water Bodies
  • Subdivision Roads, Streets, Alleys, Ways and Parks
  • Funnel Development and Back Lot Titles, Easements and Rights
  • Dock and Mooring Issues
  • Seawalls and Related Issues
  • Site Condominium Development


  • Property Boundary Lines and Descriptions
  • Illegal Creation of Water Bodies by Michigan Legislature
  • Water Properties and Title Insurance Coverage
  • Lake and Upland Liability and Insurance Issues
  • Highway, Road and Street Issues
  • Cottage Usage Agreements

If you need assistance in providing answers to all lake creation matters, Contact us now.