Surveyor Use of Traverse/Meander Lines Violates U.S. Constitution and Federal Laws

By Lake Property Law PLC | August 17, 2022

All use of traverse and meander lines in the creation of subdivisions and land divisions by certified surveys pursuant to Michigan legislation such as the Plat Act of 1929, the…

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Township and County Civil Rights Liability for Use of Traverse Lines in Subdivisions

By Lake Property Law PLC | August 6, 2022

Local governments (counties, townships, cities and villages) in Michigan must approve subdivision platsbefore they can be recorded. This statutory plat approval requirement assures its citizens that the government has duly…

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Riparian Attorneys Expose Michigan Judges to Civil Rights Claims

By Lake Property Law PLC | July 25, 2022

Judges are protected by absolute immunity when they act in a judicial capacity for nearly every decision they are called upon to make. For absolute judicial immunity to apply, however,…

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Michigan’s Century-Old Legislative Assault on Private Property

By Lake Property Law PLC | July 25, 2022

How did state government regulation of water suddenly, in approximately 1920, justify it running rampant over private ownership of water covered lands that will never be riparian because the federal…

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What Water is Riparian? Read the Plat Like the Pioneers

By Lake Property Law PLC | July 24, 2022

Many of the pioneers who braved the wilderness and settled in these lands two centuries ago lacked formal education. However, they had no problem traveling by foot, horse or mule…

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Ne-Bo-Shone, Collins, and the Pine River Fiasco

By Lake Property Law PLC | June 15, 2022

Collins v Gerhardt, 237 Mich 38, (1926), and Ne-Bo-Shone Ass’n, Inc. v Hogarth, 7 F Supp 885, (W.D. Mich 1934), are cases which involved a river or stream which is…

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Bauman v Barendregt; Embarrassing Decision

By Lake Property Law PLC | May 30, 2022

This case may very well be the most oft cited, but among the very worst, as authority for a body of water being riparian. With the federal government having already…

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Square Lake Is Not Riparian; Ordinance Violates Civil Rights of Owners

By Lake Property Law PLC | May 29, 2022

The Michigan Supreme Court in Square Lake Hills Condo v Bloomfield Township (1991) ruled that a township has authority to regulate the docking and launching of boats on an inland riparian…

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Michigan Waters; A Constitutional Catastrophe

By Lake Property Law PLC | April 22, 2022

By Lake Property Law PLC | March 7, 2022 The U.S. Constitution and the federal statutes enacted pursuant to its wording directed how lands and water bodies of 30 states west of the…

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Land and Water Boundaries

By Lake Property Law PLC | March 23, 2022

Michigan lands and waters were surveyed in the early to mid-1800’s by the Government Land Office (GLO) of the Dept. of Treasury in accord with the Public Land Survey System.…

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